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Bringing Home Baby: Coming Home Outfits

The day you get to bring your baby home from the hospital is such a special day. There will be lots of photos and visitors! Whether they’re just dropping off a meal or stopping in to hold your little one, you need a beautiful gown, so you’re baby is photo-ready all day long. 

Nora Daygown

The results are in, you’re having a girl!! Bring your sweet baby girl home from the hospital in our gorgeous Nora Daygown. This gown is perfect for the little girl whose daddy is wrapped around her finger. You won’t be able to resist those newborn cuddles and kisses. It will quickly catch any visitor's eye with the adorable butterflies embroidered on the front, while its buttery soft finish will ensure your baby is cozy as they drift in and out of slumber.

Henry Daygown

For your precious little boy, our ​​Henry Daygown is the sweetest coming home gown. The delicate blue color and the charming ruffle, moon + star hand embroidery lends itself to sweet dreams! It presents a design that both baby and parents will love; not only does it boast a luxuriously soft feel, but it also allows little ones to grow and play in complete comfort.

Spencer Daygown

Waiting to find out your baby's gender? We love the Spencer Daygown for baby boys and baby girls, alike! This gown is adorned with exquisite hand embroidery as well as delicate lace inserts and a scalloped hemline that is to die for. You’ll want this gown for generations to come.

Tell us, which Lenora Daygown are you going to bring your baby home in? This is such an amazing day in the life of a parent, and we’re honored to be a part of it! 


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