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Lenora Loves: Riley Sheehey

Riley Sheehey is a watercolor and multimedia artist and textile designer. Before becoming an artist full-time, she taught elementary school art and developed a love for whimsical styles and playful details.  Her artwork reflects this childlike view of the world with fun color palettes and an attention to detail that evokes a viewer’s curiosity. She specializes in watercolor illustrations and surface design, and has enjoyed the challenge of expanding her practice to incorporate textiles and wallpaper

We were so grateful to Riley for joining us to chat about what she's working on in 2022 -- while wearing our brand new Pink Liberty Classic Pajamas, which launch today along with our Blueberry Floral Pajamas

Keep reading to find out more about Riley's work and her new role as mother to sweet baby Bryn! 



Tell us about what you're working on at the moment! What is getting you excited for 2022?

Riley Sheehey:

Thank you so much for asking!! Last year, we launched wallpaper and home textiles, and I am really hoping to continue to grow that side of the business this year with new designs and potential showroom representation. We also have a few really fun partnerships coming up this spring, and I am really looking forward to those launches!

Congratulations on sweet baby Bryn! What is your favorite part about motherhood? And any favorite Lenora items for Bryn?


Thank you so much! Honestly, I love everything about motherhood. Having Bryn here with us has made everything else in our lives better and brighter, and I feel so lucky every day that she is ours. I love the Lucy & Max Footie - It’s been so cold here lately, so we spend a lot of our time inside in pajamas (Bryn and myself), and these are so sweet and soft-looking. 


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Why did you pick the Pink Liberty Pajamas from Lenora for your "Lenora Loves" item? What do you love about them?


Again- we have been spending a LOT of time in pajamas, and I just loved these so much! I love Liberty prints, and I think these are so fun and get me excited for spring.

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Lenora is all about bringing a moment of luxury to your day to day life – how do you find ways to bring beauty or little luxuries to your life on a daily basis?


A daily run outside (whenever it’s not freezing) and a glass (or a few) of wine after Bryn’s bedtime. 

Riley Sheehey's "Swans Sipping" Print

Any favorite books that you're reading or shows that you're binging at the moment?


One of my favorite books of this past year was “How Lucky” by Will Leitch. We have also been watching a lot of TV, and just finished “The Other Two” and “Yellowjackets.” One is funny, and one is more of a thriller. I loved both!


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