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Elevate Your Eight Hours đź’¤

As we roll out of summer and our days become a little more hectic, getting your full eight hours is more essential than ever. This fall we’re reclaiming a good night’s sleep. 

Picture this: It’s the end of a long day - whether it be running around after your kids, a busy day at work, or any other chaos life threw at you - all you’ve thought about is a comforting bath and your favorite nightwear. On your drive home, you decide “tonight is going to be a self-care night.” Maybe that means picking up something for dinner so you don’t have to clean the kitchen… maybe it means putting the kids to bed a little earlier… Whatever it is for you, your mind is made. 

You wash off the stress of the day with a long, hot bubble bath, and we know, a good bath is not complete without your favorite book. Out of the bath, you slip into your Vandy Robe as you take the time to apply your skincare (for the first time this week). 

Now, it’s movie time. Cuddled up in your favorite blanket, you sit on the sofa in your Maggie Nightgown or Monte Capri Set. When the credits roll, you know it’s time to go to bed early. In your luxurious nightgown or pajama set, you sleep like a baby. When you wake, you think “last night must’ve been a dream”?? 

That’s what it means to #LiveInLenora. Sleep great. Wake refreshed. 


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