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How To: Use The Unmentionables

The Unmentionables envelope is a perfect traveling companion with a strong exterior to withstand an on-the-go lifestyle. For your most delicate of clothing, you’ll find the Unmentionables envelope is the most helpful (and stylish) answer to keeping everything out of view and gently tucked away. BUT, did you know there are several other great uses for our favorite little envelope? The Unmentionables Envelope comes in our signature travel-accessories colors: Khaki, Grey, Oatmeal, Oyster, Rose, Pink, Aqua, Creamsicle, White, and Blue. They can be personalized with any of our signature Lenora Fonts

Discreetly pack your bras and underwear

Its intended purpose, discreetly packing bras and underwear, is of course the most common way to use the Unmentionables. When unloading the car or unpacking in a hotel, save yourself an awkward moment, and pack your unmentionables in the Unmentionables envelope! That’s what we made it for! It’s a perfect gift for a anyone from the new bride packing for her honeymoon to the hardworking woman who travels for work. Keep your delicates packed delicately!


Pack Swimsuits in one place

When you get down to the beach, the first thing you want to do is put your swimsuit on and head to the beach! Packing your swimsuits in the Unmentionables keeps them in one place. There is nothing worse than getting home from the beach to find that your damp swimsuits have soaked through your bag! Ditch the grocery bags… when it’s time to leave, the Unmentionables is the perfect place to pack those damp bathing suits and avoid getting the rest of your clothes wet. 

Add your shoes to keep your other items clean

Packing cubes are all the rage right now, but it’s hard to use them for a short weekend trip! They are too big for quick get-aways, but packing dirty shoes in a clean bag is a scary thought. We all try little tricks and hacks to prevent the bottom of our shoes from touching our clean clothes, and sometimes they work… but sometimes they don’t. Avoid the contact of filthy shoes to clean clothes by packing your sandals or flats in your Unmentionables. You can fit 1-2 pairs of flat shoes in your new favorite envelope. 

Pack your hot tool for your hair 

Have you ever thrown a hot tool in your bag just for it to singe a hole in your favorite coat? Take it from us… it’s an expensive repair. Toiletry bags are often too small to add things like flat irons, curing irons, hair brushes, products, and hair spray. Easily pack your hair tools for a vacation in the Unmentionables. Say goodbye to tangled cords, stray hair and spilled products in your bag, and damaged clothes.

Pack your dirty clothes for the trip home 

Do you unpack as soon as you get home from a trip or do you wait a few days until the dust settles? We all know that the only thing worse than packing up to leave a vacation is unpacking when you get home. Leaving is always too hard, but let the Unmentionables make it a little easier. Separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones using your Unmentionables Envelope. This will also make unpacking easier, too. When you get home, simply pull the Unmentionables out and drop it in your laundry room until you’re ready to run the washing machine. 

Staying organized and clean when packing for a trip is a high priority for us, and we love how the Unmentionables envelope has many different, (maybe) unexpected functions to keep our bags organized. Share your favorite use for the Unmentionables envelope with us over on Instagram - tag @shoplenora and #liveinLenora so we can see your unique ideas! 


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